There have been 206 homicides in Baltimore so far this year. The overwhelming majority of these homicides involve the use of a gun. Gun Violence has been an issue in our city for decades. However, dealing with gun violence has only been addressed through the lens of policing with a

Friend, Campaigns aren’t won without help from people like you — and many of you have joined me throughout the second district as I’ve knocked on doors to talk to voters about the upcoming election. This Saturday our team will be out again, knocking on doors in Frankford and telling

Dear Baltimore, The last time I wrote to you, I said that you would soon be hearing about my plans to take my leadership to the next level. That time has come. Our beloved Baltimore is sitting at a critical crossroads that will determine the future of our city. The

Dear Baltimore, Helping to make our city a better place is all that I have ever wanted to do with my life. In fact, I believe that serving Baltimore is the reason that I exist. Your outpouring of support and my expectations of what I believe this city can be,

What: Quality Youth Flag Football (6-8, 9-10 & 11-12) Age Groups Starts: Tuesday, June 23rd (4-6:30pm) Included: Shirts, Equipment, Coaches & Refs How Long: 5 Weeks + Playoffs When: Every Tuesday for 6 weeks at the same time Games: EVERY WEEK & 20 mins of Practice Who: Any Kids are